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Founded in 2020 by Karen George and Quinn Niego, Therapy Adventures International emerged as an extension of their journey to establishing one of Chicago’s top-rated multidisciplinary therapy practices.

The story began a decade earlier in Chicago, where Karen, a pediatric speech-language pathologist, embarked on a mission to serve children in need. Her commitment led to the expansion of services, and together with Quinn's strategic insights, their practice, CST Academy, flourished. With five locations established in Chicago and its surrounding suburbs and a team of 200+ dedicated professionals, the clinics became a beacon of exceptional care in the region.

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Our Mission | Therapy Adventures

Fueled by their experience and a profound desire to broaden their impact beyond local borders, Karen and Quinn recognized an opportunity to make a difference globally. Drawing upon their in-depth understanding of the field and the critical needs identified through their work in Chicago, Therapy Adventures International was born.

At Therapy Adventures International, our vision is clear: to bridge gaps and provide essential therapeutic services to underserved communities worldwide. Built upon the foundation of insights gleaned from running CST Academy, our goal is to create sustainable change and positively impact the lives of children on an international scale.

We believe that by leveraging our expertise, resources, and dedication, we can make a meaningful difference. Therapy Adventures International invites you to be part of this journey towards empowering change, one community at a time.

Join us as we continue to expand our reach and transform lives across the globe.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide life-changing pediatric therapy services to underserved global communities by offering high-quality, cost-free care while collaborating with local partners to create enduring impacts and diverse opportunities for volunteers and clinicians passionate about making a difference.

Our Focus

Providing access to pediatric therapy to all children in need.
Partnering with local communities to spread awareness and gain support.
Building local capacity to make a lasting impact.

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