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Belize August 2023

This trip was really incredible. From meeting other volunteers from all over the states to the fun excursions, and most importantly-volunteering in the clinic to provide services to the children. The country is beautiful and the people from Belize are so friendly and appreciative of us helping their children. I felt so welcomed and safe! Driving around the country was so beautiful and the fresh fruit was amazing! I will never forget this experience! If you’re thinking about it, do it!! It was an incredible experience and opportunity.

Better Belize It Was an Amazing Experience!

The July volunteer trip to Belize was an amazing experience! I loved meeting other therapists and having opportunities to collaborate and learn from other disciplines. As I prepare for a new school year here in the states, this trip reminded me why I love what I do as a SLP! It was a privilege to meet the families in Belize and work with the children in play based sessions as well as community outings to the pool. The excursions were all well organized, and it was so fun to explore and learn more about beautiful Belize

Can’t Belize It!

So many awesome experiences and adventures - from swimming with sharks to visiting Xunantunich, a famous Maya archeological site. I also found it super helpful in getting experience as an undergraduate student and making valuable connections. But I think this would be a great experience for people of all experience levels. The women here were so kind and I’m grateful to have got to know them. Additionally, it was very fulfilling to be able to help kids who have very few resources and to be part of that initiative to improve Belize’s disability resources.

Belize volunteer opportunity

This experience was a great way to bring me back to my roots and why I got into this profession. We get so used to our day to day schedule and volunteering in Belize reminded me why I do what I do. I went in July with a great cohort of new friends and we did more of a camp style were we worked on play skills with the kids and also brought them out in the community. I was nervous I would be bored without the structure but honestly you just have so much fun interacting with the kids and parents you just zone in on the service you’re providing. On our off days we got to explore what Belize had to offer. I highly recommend therapy adventures!

An amazing experience!

This volunteer opportunity had such a positive impact for my personal and work life. It was a great way to give families support/strategies while learning from other therapy disciplines. I found encouragement in working as a team and discovered new ways to connect with my kiddos to facilitate expanding on their language skills. Our group leader, Grace, helped everyone feel comfortable and provided everyone with great feedback. It was a bonus to do excursions with this team of therapists and build upon relationships outside of a work environment. I highly recommend!

Therapy Adventures Belize

This trip truly changed my life. It was my first time ever traveling internationally and alone, and I am so glad I did it. I got first hand experience in speech pathology and clinical application. We also went snorkeling, ziplining, and hiking! Amazing meals were provided and the workers were incredible. Not a HUGE amount of direct, hands-on experience; this was understandable, however, because the group I attended with was fairly young. I 100% would recommend this trip to anyone looking for an adventure.


Therapy Adventures Belize

This was such an impactful experience due to the fact that you are serving in a different country and surrounded by individuals who want to make a difference. I traveled to Panama with Therapy Adventures and was able to experience so much ranging from a new beautiful environment to a therapeutic orphanage. I got the opportunity to step out of my comfort zone and offer support at an orphanage called Casa Providencia. At Casa Providencia, I was able to interact with the children and work alongside such knowledgable staff.


Helping those in need and seeing the beautiful country!

This was my first study abroad experience and it was so amazing to meet other people from across the US. I loved getting to work with them in Belize to aid the therapist in play based therapy. I learned a lot of helpful tools I can bring into my future in the speech therapy field. All the excursions were amazing too! We did snorkeling which was my favorite! I enjoyed seeing all the culture and the Mayan ruins. We experienced all the classic Belizian dishes provided by the tropical education center and restaurants near by.

Therapy Adventures

This trip was the perfect blend of being a volunteer and a tourist. We spent 3 days completely dedicated to working and volunteering with the professionals in their everyday clinic. The other 3 days were spent doing excursions and exploring the country. I met so many wonderful kids and learned so much from observing them in school and in their therapy sessions. The children are just the best and it’s really amazing to see how excited they get when they are pulled to go to therapy.

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