Graduate Student Experiences

Embark on a transformative experience with Therapy Adventures, where you can make a difference while expanding your professional skills. Collaborate with dedicated, US-licensed clinicians to support vulnerable populations and empower children with disabilities, while completing OT fieldwork, PT clinicals, speech therapy practicums, or BCBA supervision. Immerse yourself in the vibrant cultures of these countries, exploring pristine rainforests, savoring authentic cuisine, and marveling at historical landmarks. With tailored experiences that combine impactful service and cultural immersion, join us on these extraordinary journeys to create lasting change while gaining invaluable skills.

Our international graduate programs offer a unique blend of professional development and cultural immersion. Discover how you can learn from diverse clinical settings and create lasting change in communities around the world. We will ensure that your experience includes all specific objectives and learning outcomes of your university and career goals. Our clinical settings include outpatient pediatrics, school, community outreach, and orphanages for children with disabilities.

Graduate Student Experiences | Therapy Adventures
Graduate Student Opportunities | Therapy Adventures

Who We Are Looking For

Eager-to-learn students with a strong academic background, effective communication skills, and who are excited to learn in a unique, international setting.

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Available For

BCBA Students

OT Students

PT Students

SLP Students

Potential Responsibilities

Providing 1:1 Therapy

Collecting Data

Performing Administrative Tasks

Supporting Lead Clinicians

Creating Therapy Materials

Parent/Teacher Trainings


Cost varies based on the duration of the experience. A Therapy Adventures coordinator will give you a quote during your initial consultation.

Included Features

Program Advisor

Customized Experience

Pre-Arrival Orientation

Safe & Comfortable Housing

Assistance With Obtaining Travel Documentation

Featured Countries




Dominican Republic



Do I need to find housing abroad?
Therapy Adventures coordinates all housing, ensuring safe living accommodations and a hassle-free experience.

Does a placement with Therapy Adventures count as credit toward my graduate academic program?
Yes! We work closely with universities to ensure your experience meets all the essential criteria of your graduate program.

How long is a graduate placement with Therapy Adventures?
The duration of Therapy Adventure graduate programs varies, with opportunities ranging from 1 week to more extended placements. Your experience is customized based on your preferences and program requirements.

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