Leading ABA software MeasurePM partners with Therapy Adventures to help children gain access to critical therapies

When Raj Sharma founded Measure Practice Management in 2020, he intended the software to serve ABA companies in the U.S. Little did he know it could also become an amazing tool to support children with autism in developing countries.

In late July of 2022, Marco Esposito, who serves as MeasurePM’s director of marketing, received a unique email and request. The message outlined a potential collaboration between MeasurePM, Therapy Adventures, and communities outside the U.S. Marco was intrigued.

Therapy Adventures, a Chicago-based nonprofit, was asking MeasurePM to provide its state-of-the-art practice management software to a small ABA therapy clinic in an under-resourced area of Jamaica.

Marco took the idea back to Raj who was immediately positive about the idea. “An idea like this never occurred to me,” says Raj, “but it is an incredible and creative way to serve others that made so much sense.”

After Raj and Marco discussed the opportunity, they asked Therapy Adventures to provide information about the various countries and under-resourced communities in which Therapy Adventures serves.

Therapy Adventures worked tirelessly to compile the requested documents, supplied them to Measure Practice Management, and waited. Within a few days, Therapy Adventures received news that MPM was onboard and would provide its software, totally free of charge, to specific, approved Therapy Adventures locations throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.

“I was in a state of elated shock”, says Quinn, one of the founders and president of Therapy Adventures. “This is phenomenal news. Because of the generosity and vision of Measure PM, the communities of Latin America and the Caribbean and the therapists who serve them will gain access to software that otherwise would not be possible.”

Adama Blagrove, a Jamaica-based BCBA who founded the Montego Bay Autism Center will be one of the first clinics to use MeasurePM. “We are used to doing everything long hand with paper and pencil”, says Adama. “Think about it – we schedule, track appointments, map out programs and goals, and take ABA data, all manually. It is not the best, but it is all we had – until now”.

Adama cannot wait to see how MPM can help her team save time and provide ABA more effectively. “This will be a game changer for us and the families of Jamaica. Every minute that MeasurePM saves us is another minute we can devote to the children and the ABA therapy they need. It fills my heart to know that Therapy Adventures and MeasurePM care enough to do this. It was not an accident, I see it as God’s hand at work – an act of divine intervention”.

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